Building Department

The Building Department oversees all residential and commercial building permits issued in the City.  The Minnesota State Building Codes are enforced and adhered to on all permits.  It is illegal to work without a permit.  Obtaining a permit either by a property owner and/or contractor ensures safety as well as full compliance with the Minnesota State Code.  Review of permit applications also ensures that projects meet zoning requirements, such as setbacks and building heights.  Applications for permits should be submitted well in advance of the scheduled starting date.  This will allow time for City staff to offer assistance through the process and issue the permit at the start of the project.  This is especially true during the summer construction season.  Various inspections are required for all permits.

If you are unable to find the application or form that you need, please call City Hall at 763.497.3384 ext. 3.

*To schedule an inspection, please call 763.497.9923 (Permit number & site address are required to schedule the inspection)

Please note the City now accepts on-line payments.

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