Fire Hall Location: 11350 57th Street NE                                                                                                  Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Phone:                         763.497.3384 ext. 107

Mailing Address:     P.O. Box 9, Albertville, MN 55301


Albertville Fire and Rescue History
Albertville Fire and Rescue was established in 1940 from members of the community seeing a need for a Fire Department and rescue services. The original members were made up of the community and still are today. Currently Albertville Fire Department Serves the Cities of Albertville and a large portion of Otsego, MN.

From its original members, AFD has grown to 33 members. Thirty members are paid on call and the additional are Reserve Firefighters who do not get paid. AFD also uses five full-time City Public Works employees to help operate Engine trucks during the weekday during daytime hours. AFD’s leadership team includes the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, three Captains, and three Lieutenants.

Each member is trained and state certified to a minimum requirement of Firefighter I and II and MN State Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Certified as First Responder or EMT. Many Firefighters choose additional training such as state certifications in Hazardous Materials Technician, Fire Instructor and Fire Officer.

Oath to the Citizens
To maintain their oath to the citizens, AFD members are highly trained and deeply dedicated to their community:

To minimize loss of life and property from fire, natural disaster, and life threatening situations in the cities of Albertville and Otsego, MN. To perform these services in an efficient manner by maintaining effective fire prevention, emergency response, fire suppression, training, life safety and accountability…

AFD Roster
Annual Fire Department Reports and Calls for Service Data
Child Car Seat Safety Checks

MN Department of Public Safety – Office of Traffic Safety

Wright County Child Passenger Safety – Information on child passenger safety checks, proper use and installation, and laws.

Commercial Fire Inspections

The City of Albertville Fire Department requires Fire Inspections every other year for local businesses. Some occupancy types require an annual inspection (hotels, apartment buildings and some assembly occupancies). Our Fire Marshall keeps a schedule of which businesses are due for inspection and schedules those inspections accordingly. Both the Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief may act as the Fire Marshal as well as having an Assistant Inspector, who is also a Captain, which may assist with inspections.

AFD strives to help business owners pass their inspections and allow for time to take care of issues that businesses may have failed in the initial inspection. We allow these issues to get resolved in a reasonable amount of time. We will do whatever we can to help your business stay safe and stay in operation. Our motto – “Our Business is Keeping Your Business in Business”.

There is no cost for the initial inspection and any follow up inspections up to 3. After that, if the Fire Chief feels the business has had plenty of time and opportunity to resolve any issues and has not, the business will then be charged for any subsequent re-inspections.

Fire Safety Application
Fire Related Links

Here are some helpful links:

MN State Fire Marshal

MN State Fire Chief Association

U.S. Fire Administration
Information on fire safety, fire extinguishers and consumer product safety recalls.

Albertville City Code on Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas. Signs of CO poisoning include headache, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and disorientation.

Cooking and heating units that burn fuel and are not properly ventilated or malfunction can be a source of CO in the home.
• Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed within 10 feet of each sleeping room or inside each sleeping room.
• Test CO alarms monthly.
• If a CO alarm sounds and you feel ill, call 911 immediately. If you feel fine, open windows and doors and call your utility company.
• Clear snow and debris from furnace, dryer, fireplace, or oven vents around your home to prevent a CO buildup.

Recreational Fires/Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

Kids Fire Safety

Make fire safety fun for kids!

Click here for fire safety links and coloring pages.

Photo Gallery

Click here to view the Fire Department Photo Gallery.

Reserve Firefighters

Reserve Firefighter Application

The following requirements must be met/completed before becoming eligible for a Reserve Firefighting position:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Successfully pass interview with AFD Hiring Committee.
  3. Successfully pass a physical ability test.
  4. Successfully pass a medical evaluation and drug screen.
  5. Successfully pass a psychological evaluation.
  6. Successfully pass a criminal history background check.
  7. Successful final interview with Chief Officers.


  1. Interviews will be conducted by the Hiring Committee, which will consist of at least two officers with a minimum of five years of experience.
  2. If any firefighters choose to be on this committee they shall have a minimum of five years experience.
  3. Final interview with Chief Officers.

Training: (The training officers must approve all training.)

  1. Reserve firefighters must attend all Albertville Fire Department in-house training sessions, unless enrolled in state certification out of department training for Firefighter I, or in MN EMSRB certified training for initial First Responder. These two certifications must be achieved before being eligible for an Active/Probationary Firefighter.
  2. Department in-house training sessions cover the operation of equipment, vehicles, rules, and policies/procedures that shall be followed.


  1. Reserve Firefighter attendance is required at all Albertville Fire Department scheduled monthly business meetings, official events, and all scheduled in-house training unless otherwise specified.


  1. Reserve Firefighter will not be paid for their training or for calls they respond to by the Fire Department.
  2. Reserve Firefighter will not receive relief association benefits.


  1. Reserve Firefighter will assume all duties as a firefighter that they have been trained for. The Reserve Firefighter is expected to wear a BLUE helmet along with full turnout gear to identify them as a Reserve Firefighter. They are required to wear all other safety equipment deemed necessary by the Incident Commander, including a reflective safety vest on ANY roadway.
  2. These duties will be assigned by the Incident Commander on an Albertville Fire Department scene and by any officer at the fire station during meetings, trainings and events.
  3. Reserve Firefighter will not enter emergency vehicles during a call out unless instructed to.

Moving from Reserve Firefighter to Paid On Call/Probationary Firefighter:

  1. The Reserve Firefighter must complete and pass Firefighter I at a state level, and complete MN EMSRB First Responder.
  2. The Reserve Firefighter must attend all Albertville Fire Department in-house training sessions.
  3. If/when a position is open, and on approval of the Fire Chief, Reserve Firefighters will assume all duties of an Paid On Call/Probationary Firefighter.


  1. Reserve Firefighter may be dismissed for any reason involving performance or attitude at the discretion of the Fire Chief and Fire Department Officers. There will be no appeal procedure.
Severe Weather Sirens

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