Commercial Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections

The City of Albertville Fire Department requires Fire Inspections every other year for local businesses. Some occupancy types require an annual inspection (hotels, apartment buildings and some assembly occupancies). Our Fire Marshall keeps a schedule of which businesses are due for inspection and schedules those inspections accordingly. Both the Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief may act as the Fire Marshal as well as having an Assistant Inspector, who is also a Captain, which may assist with inspections.

AFD strives to help business owners pass their inspections and allow for time to take care of issues that businesses may have failed in the initial inspection. We allow these issues to get resolved in a reasonable amount of time. We will do whatever we can to help your business stay safe and stay in operation. Our motto – “Our Business is Keeping Your Business in Business”.

There is no cost for the initial inspection and any follow up inspections up to 3. After that, if the Fire Chief feels the business has had plenty of time and opportunity to resolve any issues and has not, the business will then be charged for any subsequent re-inspections.


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