Liquor License

Liquor licenses available through the City of Albertville include On-Sale, Sunday Sale, Club On-Sale, Wine, Off-sale and 3.2 Percent Malt Liquor. The license year runs April 15 through April 14. Licenses are non-transferable. View Albertville City Code Title 4 Chapter 1.

Applying for a License
Businesses wishing to sell liquor in the City of Albertville must submit a completed application packet to the City at least 60 days before the projected effective date.

There are many types of license issued for establishments serving liquor so please contact the City Clerk for the correct application and to inquire about the timing and process of the application.

State Law Applies
See also Minnesota Statutes 340A.414, 340A.415 and 14.57 through 14.69.

Kris Luedke
City Clerk
763.497.3384 x101

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