UPDATE – Mall of Entertainment

The Darkenwalds and their development partners have come forward with their Mall of Entertainment (MOE) concept. The City has discussed this project in a conceptual fashion and will be working with the development group to identify all issues and opportunities and improvements that have to be addressed prior to final city approvals. The concept the City is aware of includes 150,000 sq ft of entertainment and a 275 room hotel. The location of the project is on the north side of I-94 and just northwest of the Albertville Premium Outlets.  The use fits the designated zoning; however, no formal development applications have been received by the city and no city approvals have been given.

This project brings a national attraction to the City which will spur spinoff development and complement existing commercial retail.
The City review schedule will begin once a formal development application and environmental study are submitted by the development group.

August 7, 2017 UPDATE: Albertville Business Park AUAR Documents
The development team presented the 2017 AUAR (Alternative Urban Areawide Review) to the City Council on August 7, 2017.  This is the first update to the original 2003 AUAR and addresses the new opportunities the Darkenwalds and their team have for the property. The AUAR looks at environmental and traffic impacts as well as a variety of other impacts to the area around the development.  The City of Albertville authorized the publication  of the AUAR in order to receive comments from multiple agencies and those comments will be addressed by the development team.

AUAR Update

AUAR Combined Exhibits

Appendix A – Soil Resource Report

Appendix B – Easte Side Delineation and NOD

Appendix C – West Side Delineation and NOD

Appendix D – Test Observation Pit Report

Appendix E – Phase 1 Environmental

Appendix F – Agency Correspondence

Appendix G – Noise Impacts Report

Appendix H – Traffic Memo

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