Mobile Food Unit

Per Chapter 4 of the Albertville City Code, it is unlawful for any person to engage in the operation of a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) without first obtaining a license.

Licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

Mobile Food Unit License Application

Mobile food units (MFUs) and food carts are required to meet following standards:

1. MFU must be licensed by the Minnesota Health Department, and adhere to State regulations for food trucks as provided in Food Code Chapter 4626.1860 Mobile Food Establishments; Seasonal Temporary Food Stands; Seasonal Permanent Food Stands. Evidence of the State license must be provided to the City as part of the local license application.
2. MFU sites shall be kept in a neat and orderly manner, and shall adhere to the following site requirements:
a. Trash and/or recycling collection and cleanup must be provided.
b. Provide independent power supply which is screened from view.
c. May not maintain or use outside sound amplifying equipment, televisions or other similar visual entertainment devices, lights or noisemakers such as bells, horns or whistles. Ice cream trucks traveling through a residential district may have outdoor music or noise- making devices to announce their presence.
d. Cannot obstruct the movement of pedestrians or vehicles or pose a hazard to public safety.
e. Shall be located on an asphalt or concrete surface.
f. May not be located within 200 feet of existing restaurants or coffee shops, as measured from the MFU to the food service building.
g. Must close during adverse weather conditions when shelter is not provided.
3. MFU’s may only operate in the business, industrial, and public/institutional districts. Ice cream truck vendors may     operate in all zoning districts.
4. MFU’s must be located on private property, and the applicant must provide written consent from the property owner.     However, MFUs may be located in a public park with approval from the City, and ice cream trucks are allowed to operate  within the public right-of-way in residential districts.
5. Ice cream truck vendors are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to operating in the community, at the cost of the applicant.
6. If MFU sites are found to be in non-compliance with any conditions as provided in Chapter 4 of the City Code, the City reserves the right to revoke the MFU transient merchant license.

The annual fee is $75.

Kris Luedke
City Clerk
763.497.338 x101

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