Rental Dwelling License

The following items are needed for all rental properties:

  • Rental Dwelling Unit Application Form (this form needs to be completed and signed annually)
  • Annual License fee of $100.00 (apartment complex fees are different, please contact city hall if you have questions)

Please complete the application and return with payment. Once these items have been completed, the City will issue your 2021 Rental License.  Failure to comply with the above requirements by January 1, will result in late fee charges (please note: late fees can no longer be waived)

Due to COVID-19 the City has temporarily suspended routine rental license inspections.  At this time, for the safety of residents and staff, non-safety related inspections of residences will not be conducted.  Safety related concerns and resident complaints will be reviewed by staff and, if necessary, staff will enter the premises for inspection using COVID-19 safety protocols.
Rental inspections of vacant units are being conducted at this time. If your rental unit is vacant, please contact staff to schedule an inspection.
When we return to conducting routine rental inspections, they will be done in the order they are due. You will be contacted in advance if your rental property is due for inspection.

Below you will find a list of common deficiencies found during inspections. This handout is intended to help property owners review and ensure rental properties are operating safely and complying with codes.

Maeghan Becker
Building Permit Tech
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