What to know about door-to-door sales

Persons going door-to-door in order to sell items or services are required by the Albertville City Code to obtain a peddler or solicitor’s permit.

Valid permit holders will have an orange permit stamped by the City and each peddler/solicitor must carry their permit on their person.  The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is made aware of valid permit holders.  If you see suspicious cars or persons, please report it to the Sheriff’s Office.  Their non-emergency number is 763.682.1162.  Allowed hours during which peddlers and solicitors can go door-to-door are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.  If a peddler/solicitor is not abiding to these hours, please call the Sheriff’s Office to report the activity as well as the City, so it can be addressed appropriately.  If you do not want solicitors at your property, you are encouraged to post a no soliciting sign.

Below is a list of valid permit holders:

Aptive Environmental (Allowed to solicit 30 minutes after sunset per stand down agreement)
Brady Abbott (valid thru 8-1-19)
Nicholas Abplanaalp (valid thru 8-1-19)
Richard Brooks (valid thru 8-1-19)
Benjamin Burden (valid thru 8-1-19)
Hunter Burton (valid thru 8-1-19)
Levi Cunningham (valid thru 8-1-19)
Lucas Farnsworth (valid thru 8-1-19)
Nicholas Farnsworth (valid thru 8-1-19)
Kendrec Frisby (valid thru 8-1-19)
Connor Kemp (valid thru 8-1-19)
Matthew Kirkman (valid thru 8-1-19)
Wyatt Meng (valid thru 8-1-19)
Taylor Pass (valid thru 8-1-19)
Jaden Sitterud (valid thru 8-1-19)
Clarence Spencer III (valid thru 8-1-19)
Garrett Taylor (valid thru 8-1-19)
John Walker (valid thru 8-1-19)
Charles Wood (valid thru 8-1-19)
Harrison Wood (valid thru 8-1-19)

Edward Jones
Larry Mathison (valid thru 8-16-19)

Southwester Advantage
Rodny Reeder (valid thru 09-17-19)

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