Special Event Permit

Per Chapter 8 of the Albertville City Code, no person, except those with an outdoor special event permit, may directly or indirectly host a special event within the City.

Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Permit Requirements:
The Special Event Permit will require information on or documents relating to the following:

  • The location and dates of the special event.
  • The permit applicant and property owner of the proposed location.
  • A site plan or survey of property.
  • Proof of Insurance for the special event.
  • If intoxicating liquor will be sold on site.
  • If Mobile Food Units will provide food services.
  • Neighborhood notification method alerting residents that may be affected from the event.
  • If outdoor seasonal sales will be included in the special event.
  • Estimate of attendees and crowd control and security methods.
  • Noise mitigation techniques to be use on site.
  • Fire protection and prevention methods to be used including locations of portable fire extinguishers, site and floor plans and fire exit plan.
  • Medical facilities provided on site during the event.
  • Event parking areas, street closures, traffic circulation routes and pedestrian paths.
  • Solid Waste disposal plan including portable toilets, trash containers and other facilities and locations.

Exempt events from the above requirements and standards may be City sponsored events such as: Friendly City Days, Farmer’s Market, Explore Your Parks Nights, Open Streets and other events as deemed exempt by the Albertville City Council.

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