Temporary Seasonal Outdoor Sales

Per Section 1000.00 of the Albertville City Code, temporary outdoor seasonal sales require a permit for the City and may be allowed in any business zoning district. (Residential garage sales are exempt from this provision)

Temporary Seasonal Outdoor Sales Application – Applicants must submit a site plan showing the location of the outdoor sales area, produce stand or tent.

All outdoor sales in a business district must comply with the following standards and regulation:

  • Sales can operate for a maximum of 60 consecutive days with a maximum of two permits per calendar year for each use.
  • The owner/operator of the temporary outdoor sales facility must have written permission from the current property owner to use the site.
  • The sales area must be contained outside of the street right-of-way and located on a paved surface.
  • Parking and display areas must not interfere with existing business operations or traffic circulation patterns.
  • Display areas and parking spaces may not occupy parking areas required for existing businesses.
  • The site must be kept in a neat and orderly manner with a City approved daily cleanup plan.

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