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What is an SWCD?

SWCDs are local units of government that manage and direct natural resource management programs at the local level. Districts works in both urban and rural settings, with landowners and with other units of government, to carry out a program for the conservation, use, and development of soil, water, and related resources.

One crucial niche districts fill is that of providing soil and water conservation services to owners of private lands. Privately owned lands make up 78 percent of the land surface in Minnesota. Managing these private lands, whether agriculture, forest, lakes, or urban, is key to Minnesota’s quality of life.

Minnesotans trust SWCDs to provide needed technology, funding and educational services because they are established in each community, governed by local leaders and focused on conservation of local soil and water resources.

For more information on SWCDs, please visit the MASWCD website.


The Wright Soil and Water Conservation District shall provide local leadership in the conservation and wise use of soil, water and related resources through a balanced program that protects, restores and improves those resources by utilizing education, regulation and incentive programs.


The Wright Soil and Water Conservation District Board envisions a changing Wright County. The District will be sensitive to the environment, citizen concerns and will foster a spirit of cooperation among all agencies and entities charged with the management of our precious natural resources.

As a catalyst for this vision, the Wright Soil and Water Conservation District will proactively influence, educate, cooperate and encourage the wise use of resources to maintain our high quality of life.

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