2017 Street and Sidewalk Project
This project began in June and several blocks of neighborhood streets on the west side of County Road 19 are being milled and overlayed.  In addition to the street work, the old bituminous (asphalt) trail behind the curb on these street segments has been replaced with a concrete sidewalk and a narrow grass boulevard.  The project is nearing completion  and is scheduled to be completed by the end of August. Please use caution and drive slow this construction project as there are many trucks and equipment present.

Trail Improvements
The neighborhood trails in the Oakside Park area and many of the Towne Lakes area trails will be overlayed.  This work is being coordinated with other city projects and will completed between mid-June and the end of August.

Intersection of CR 19 and 57th Street NE
Currently the city is working on plans to add designated left turn lanes to 57th Street NE and County Road 19.  The project will include road widening, modifications to the existing signal system, and new cross walks and pedestrian ramps at each corner of the intersection.  The project is currently in the design phase and is expected to be bid and constructed during the 2017 construction season.

Please feel free to contact Adam Nafstad, City Administrator, at 763.497.3384 ext. 100 regarding these or any other project taking place around town.

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